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About NRCI

Norwegian Risk Consulting International - NRCI - is a geopolitical risk consultancy founded in 2010. Our main office is located in Oslo. We provide objective and detailed standardized and bespoke risk assessments to companies, investor groups and governments in Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Latin America. Our operational and strategic advisory services inform our clients with valuable insights. Norwegian Risk Forum is NRCI’s annual international conference in Oslo examining geopolitical risks and international business.

Our work culture

NRCI’s respect for people and zero-tolerance against racism, harassment and bullying permeate our work culture and environment. We respect and support each other across all levels. Our strong focus on feedback drives our creativity and innovative thinking about analysis, business development, technological innovation and personnel development. Our focused work environment drives our attention to detail while we simultaneously maintain a robust and overarching global perspective. We approach our work in a humble, curious and listening manner. New team members enter into a welcoming and inclusive work environment where our values: Out of the box, professional, challenge and humane form NRCI’s company and work culture. Our analyst team conducts all research and analysis through a rigorous quality assurance process ensuring that our risk analyses maintain a high standard.

Our geopolitical thinking

NRCI’s geopolitical thinking rests on a solid grasp of on-the-ground issues through a global network of partners and local contacts on the ground and NRCI’s CEO conducts regular fact-finding expeditions to map risks, infrastructure developments and business opportunities. This enables close contact with local communities, tribes and stake holders and good overview of infrastructure developments, business structures and security dynamics. We maintain a dedicated focus on analysis through a rigorous research and analysis process. We avoid group thinking and bombastic conclusions and instead we nurture and listen to differing opinions and constantly question our own thoughts. We maintain dialogue with leading analysts and institutions around the world and share our observations and perspectives with a broad range of international players. These structures and channels inform how we think and work together.

Our clients

NRCI works with clients from all business sectors and industries, investor groups, financial firms, wealthy families, NGOs and governments. We interact closely with our clients to facilitate and support their operations in changing and unpredictable risk environments to minimize risk impact and create value. Due to the serious nature of our work we communicate directly and openly with respect when we interact with clients to mitigate risks and facilitate robust and resilient organizations. NRCI works with clients worldwide and support our clients in our geographic regions of expertise - Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Latin America.

Our work with clients includes discretion and low profile. We listen closely to our clients and through close dialogue we define clear goals and then agree on how we want to reach those goals.

Our business areas

  • Geopolitical Risk Analysis

    • Global Risk Database - Web and subscription-based risk analysis system available on all desktop and mobile appliances. The global risk database includes monthly updated risk analyses, urgent news, risk maps and a Twitter-based newsfeed. Enable companies, investors and governments to continuously monitor risks in their operational environment and thus build a robust and resilient security culture.
    • Tailor-made risk assessments - Support companies, financial institutions and organizations planning to invest in a country before the board makes an investment decision as part of strategic decision-making. Or after the board makes an investment decision and then it constitutes a part of the market entry process. Also relevant to companies monitoring developments in countries as part of strategic considerations and oversight.
    • Global Risk Assessment – Annual assessment of political and security risks and macro-economic and financial indicators. Provides insightful assessment of trends, dynamics and risks to boards and leadership teams in global companies, financial firms and governments or as a background document for annual retreats, international conferences and global summits.
  • Operational and strategic advisory services

    • Operational advisory services - Includes on-the ground assessments and facilitation, due diligence, conference key notes and presentations, in-house or long-distance advisory sessions or consultations, travel risk and security risk seminars and training sessions on how companies may build a robust and resilient security culture. We also support our clients with crisis response and crisis management. Training sessions within companies and NGOs preparing teams and individuals for international operations and risk management.
    • Strategic advisory services - Focused advisory consultations on management and board levels in companies, investor groups and governments. Guidance on organizational development, building risk departments within companies and management and leadership advisory and consultations. We also advise universities on their curriculum, educational programs and how they may improve cooperation with the corporate sector to strengthen focus and understanding for international geopolitical risk and business.
  • Norwegian Risk Forum

    NRCI’s annual international conference in Oslo since 2010. The only international conference in Norway examining geopolitical risks and international business opportunities. Exclusive and intimate high-quality event where decision makers and business leaders experience focused and informative presentations and engaging panel debates. Norwegian Risk Forum is an annual forum designed to foster a deeper understanding among leaders from industry, finance, academia and diplomacy for geopolitical risks around the world.

    Norwegian Risk Forum 2021 is hosted in a Secure Live Global Videoconference on October 21, which states that participants are free to use the information received, but neither the identity nor the affiliation of the speaker(s) nor of any other participant may be revealed. During Norwegian Risk Forum participants share reflections and experiences, gather insights and obtain useful information and analysis which they may integrate to adapt existing or develop new business strategies.