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About NRCI

NRCI is a private company with corporate headquarters in Oslo. We provide unbiased risk consulting services to companies investing in Africa, Asia, the Middle East or Latin America. NRCI's long-term vision is to be the leading political risk consulting company in Europe. We provide weekly, monthly and tailor-made analysis to suit your company´s needs. Through our strategic partners, we have international connections with local presence.

NRCI was established in February 2010. We provide consulting services and presentations to companies and investors. In addition, we facilitate contact between companies and partners in the areas they seek to enter. Should your company establish an office, build a factory, conduct an investment or enter into a joint venture you need to gain knowledge about the area you plan to enter.

Contact NRCI and we can assist your company with a variety of analyses such as regular country analysis, risk assessments, and sector-defined analysis. We have unique contacts that can help your company enter safely into risk areas worldwide.