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Norwegian Risk Forum 2010
10 - 11 November
Grand Hotel, Oslo

Challenges and opportunities for Norwegian businesses in the Gulf region and Iraq

Norwegian Risk Forum 2010 gathered business leaders, nonprofit organizations, political leaders, diplomats and Norwegian and international analysts from around the world. The 2010 Annual Forum took place on November 10 - 11 in Oslo.

This First Annual Forum illuminated the political challenges and business opportunities that Norwegian businesses and investors encounter when investing in the Gulf region and in Iraq.

Formal and informal political structures, cultural and religious differences and a shifting security situation necessitate in-depth analysis and insights from top-level analysts in the Middle East. The Norwegian Risk Forum provided for networking opportunities, sharing of experiences and lessons learned and new connections creating new opportunities for Norwegian businesses in an international environment.


Top-level analysts from the Middle East came to Oslo to present their up-to-date insights and thoughts on how Norwegian businesses can enter into the Gulf region and Iraq, while understanding the risks and opportunities. The speakers engaged the audience with an excellent Iraq-section investigating the political challenges and business opportunities that encapsulate Iraq´s near and midterm future. Speakers also engaged with insightful analysis on the security-situation and business opportunities and hot spots for growth in the Gulf-Region. A thorough CSR-section investigated the future of higher education in Iraq via video from Washington, D.C., as well as UNICEF´s work in the region and other relevant issues that Norwegian companies have to deal with when engaging in the region.

Plenary sessions

Plenary sessions provided top-level discussions examining the issues confronting the delegates at the First Annual Norwegian Risk Forum. Providing, an interactive session between panelists and audience these sessions experienced lively and rewarding discussions where participants got engaged in highly interesting discussions touching on some of the very core issues confronting Norwegian businesses in the Gulf-Region and Iraq.

Private meetings / Chambre Separée

Private meetings between analysts and various actors provided for intimate discussions.

Norwegian Risk Forum Dinner

Provided an informal and intimate setting at Grand Café where the participants discussed issues of interest.

”This conference was very worthwhile attending, and the quality of the presentations and discussions were excellent”

Jon Daniel Nesje
AAK Group