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Norwegian Risk Forum 2011
10 - 11 November
Grand Hotel, Oslo

Risks & Rewards for Norwegian Businesses in India

Norwegian Risk Forum 2011 gathered business leaders from Norway and India, diplomats, NGOs and experts from Norway and abroad. NRF 2011 focused on the risks and rewards that come with investing in the Indian market, emerging as a global player with a 1,2 billion populace.

The Second Annual NRF gathered the most influential Norwegian corporate players from sectors such as oil & gas, ICT, defence, offshore and engineering. Norway´s increased focus on India coincides with a growing Indian demand for energy, emerging industrial infrastructure projects and national modernization.

NRF 2011 opened with a session which examined the political and maritime risks related to investing in India. Presentations and challenging panel-discussions engaged the audience the first day. Day 2 of NRF 2011 opened with a session on the challenges with corporate social responsibility confronting Norwegian businesses investing in India. After lunch a session of the growth sectors and successful entry strategies ensued with lively presentations and illuminating panel-discussions. The 2008 Mumbai terrorist attack raised questions among corporate and political leaders worldwide. Recurring terrorist attacks country-wide continue sporadically, while the Kashmir issue remains unresolved and terror cells continue to pose a threat. NRF 2011 examines these issues in addition to the regional security picture and maritime security risks posed by pirates endangering the Arabian and Indian seas.

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World-class speakers from around the world converged at the Norwegian Risk Forum and examined the pressing issues confronting India. Speakers presented their current thinking combined with presentations that were made available to NRF participants. Issues analyzed included corporate challenges, the business climate, political risks and security challenges in addition to corporate social responsibility issues that Norwegian businesses must take into account when investing in India.

Panel sessions

Plenary sessions provided an interactive arena where panelists provided their thoughts and moderators engaged participants by raising questions and comments on pressing issues. These sessions were lively and active stimulating interest among business leaders from Norway and India, NGOs and other participants from a range of sectors.

”I truly enjoyed Norwegian Risk Forum and learnt from the pragmatic discussions about the opportunities and risks with regards to entering India”

Piyush Mathur
President, India
The Nielsen Company