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Norwegian Risk Forum 2014
October 23 - 24
Grand Hotel, Oslo

Risks and Rewards for Foreign Investors in Southeast Asia

Norwegian Risk Forum 2014 examined challenges and opportunities for foreign companies in Southeast Asia. NRF 2014 gathered business leaders from a range of sectors including oil & gas, maritime, shipping, industry, fisheries, defense and finance in addition to the world’s leading experts and representatives from NGOs and various universities. With compelling presentations and intriguing panel-debates, participants engaged in interactive panel discussions examining a range of issues including business development, political risks, terror threats and risk mitigation strategies.

During NRF participants expanded their knowledge base and connected with people from other industries establishing new networks. With cutting edge analyses, out of the box thinking and balanced perspectives NRF 2014 explored how Southeast Asia also experiences a dynamic and transformative period with growth and political change in a range of countries.

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NRF 2014 examined political and security risks and business opportunities in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam and the Philippines. Southeast Asia links the Indian and Pacific Oceans creating a geostrategic epicenter for trade and growth via a myriad of archipelagos.

Southeast Asia experiences long-term growth opportunities in a range of sectors among others manufacturing, oil & gas, shipbuilding and maritime services, defence acquisitions, consumer markets and infrastructure growth.

Southeast Asia provides a combined population with over 600 million people. While the Malacca Strait annually transits nearly 50 % of global trade, these waters experience some of the highest piracy levels worldwide providing both risks and opportunities. Simultaneously, political risks and different security challenges require that companies identify, analyze and mitigate these risks when planning long-term investments.

”Expert knowledge plus vibrant discussions - that's what the Norwegian Risk Forum provided. I've spent my professional life focused on Southeast Asia, but the multiplicity of analytical and pragmatic business perspectives gave me added insight. Truly worth the time!”

Maria Ressa
Executive Editor & CEO
Rappler, Philippines
NRF 2014 Speaker & Panelist

”NRCI got the world’s best experts to Oslo”

Stein Tønnesson
Research Professor
Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO)
NRF 2014 Speaker and Panelist

”Very good and relevant speakers.”

Inga-Lise Moldestad
Vice Managing Director & Partner
Holdberg Funds
NRF 2014 Participant

”I would strongly recommend Norwegian companies to attend future Norwegian Risk Forums”

Fmr. Ambassador Hans-Ola Rustad
Royal Norwegian Embassy in Malaysia
Ministry of Foreign Affairs

”Norwegian Risk Forum 2014 was thoroughly impressive as it brought together knowledge and concern about the risks involved with doing business in Southeast Asia. I learned a lot and I would recommend anyone to become more involved with NRF. Excellent conference indeed!”

Paul Chambers
Director of Research
Institute of South East Asian Affairs