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Norwegian Risk Forum 2016
October 20
Grand Hotel, Oslo

Political Risks and Business Opportunities for Foreign Companies in Iran

NRCI was proud to host the 7th annual international Norwegian Risk Forum (NRF) in Oslo on October 20. Norwegian Risk Forum welcomed participants into a venue filled with learning, insights and discussions.

With the historic landmark agreement that lifted sanctions against Iran, Norwegian Risk Forum 2016 focused on Iran. NRF 2016 examined a range of risks and business opportunities as companies, investors and other players plan to enter this important market in the Middle East. Understanding how to navigate and negotiate through a market entry landscape necessitates knowledge and insight.

Iran’s varied geographic landscape stretches from the Strait of Hormuz where 20 % of global oil supplies pass daily, to its eastern border areas with Afghanistan and Pakistan, western border with Iraq, and northern region towards the resourceful Caspian Sea. With a young and highly educated population totaling 80 million Iran carries long historic traditions stretching millennia.

Norwegian Risk Forum 2016 welcomed participants from oil gas gas, renewable energy, maritime and shipping and finance to a range of insightful presentations and dynamic panel debates. With several networking breaks and lunch and dinner at the historic Palmen Restaurant participants enjoyed insightful conversations and valuable networking.

Welcome to Norwegian Risk Forum next year.

”Well organised and high level speakers.”

Jørn Mastervik
Vice President Global Operation
Kongsberg Maritime

”Norwegian Risk Forum was very good.”

Torodd Eeg-Olsen
Head of Risk Management

”With thorough and professional preparations NRCI left nothing to chance at Norwegian Risk Forum examining risks and opportunities in Iran. Eminently moderated under Chatham House rules, a select number of experienced and knowledgeable participants made it a very rewarding experience and a privilege to take part.”

Sverre Lodgaard
Senior Research Fellow and former Director from 1997-2007
Norwegian Institute of International Affairs - NUPI