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Norwegian Risk Forum 2021
October 21, Oslo

Managing Business Through Geopolitical Risks, Business Fluctuations & Energy Transition

Norwegian Risk Forum 2021 was an exclusive and international high-quality event where decision makers and business leaders experienced focused, useful and highly informative presentations and engaging panel debates in a live global video-conference.

Norwegian Risk Forum 2021 examined the theme - "Managing Business Through Geopolitical Risks, Business Fluctuations & Energy Transition." We welcome speakers from across Asia, the Middle East, Europe and Africa. NRF 2021 examined geopolitical and security risks, and business opportunities and industrial strategies in Asia, the Middle East and Africa. In addition we examine current dynamics in Russian - European relations. This year we also examine renewable energy strategies in China, Japan and South Korea. The Corona pandemic remains a challenge in various regions, however we also observe a range of countries working strategically to develop infrastructure and economic corridors across Asia and Africa. This was the 12th annual Norwegian Risk Forum and we look forward to welcome speakers and participants from around the world.

Norwegian Risk Forum 2021 was held under the Chatham House Rule, which states that participants are free to use the information received, but neither the identity nor the affiliation of the speaker(s) nor of any other participant may be revealed. Participants shared reflections, gathered insights and obtained analysis useful to develop existing or new business strategies. Due to the Coronavirus / Covid-19 pandemic NRCI hosted Norwegian Risk Forum 2021 via Cisco Webex - a secure video conference platform. We do not reveal information from Norwegian Risk Forum 2021 after the conference. This was an exclusive high-level conference only for registered and confirmed participants.

NRCI forms the annual Norwegian Risk Forum themes and programs through a careful examination of global geopolitical dynamics, business and infrastructure trends driving economic growth, new industry and business sector reforms, and emerging international agreements and peace agreements enabling international investments across Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Latin America. NRCI monitors international economic drivers and trends, and geopolitical dynamics impacting and changing risk equations in countries, regions and globally. These observations form how we define and form Norwegian Risk Forum themes and programs every year. NRCI is experienced in managing events and this is the 12th annual Norwegian Risk Forum we host this year. During Norwegian Risk Forum you experience an international geopolitical and strategic event with high-quality speakers with presentations and panel-debates that are highly useful, interesting and relevant for international investments, business operations, NGO operations and for financial firms operating or managing investments internationally.

We received high appraisals and strong feedback from participants who attended Norwegian Risk Forum over the last 11 years since we hosted the first conference in 2010. We welcomed participants from leading positions from a range of industries and sectors from the corporate world, financial firms, international companies, NGOs, investor groups and public entities. Some participants informed us that they changed their international business strategies after attending Norwegian Risk Forum, and others ventured into new global expansion plans after receiving new and highly informative insights during Norwegian Risk Forums.

Norwegian Risk Forum is a most useful, informative and interesting geopolitical event for business leaders, leaders of organizations or risk departments, financial firms and international banks, and other global organizations planning international expansion or who need to monitor global geopolitical and strategic developments. Norwegian Risk Forum is now a world-leading annual geopolitical event and became a tradition for those who attended. Participants return year after year, and we value service very highly and follow up all participants closely.

”I was truly impressed by the quality of the panelists and the relevance of the topic. We had the opportunity to discuss a wide variety of topics related to regional supply chain challenges, trade environment, and security risks related to business. I greatly appreciate the opportunity to participate in this event for the 1st time.”

Jean-Marc Ricca
Managing Director
BASF Country Cluster West Africa

”Africa offers many opportunities for the private sector to invest. Norwegian Risk Forum was an excellently curated program for investors to understand the landscape, risks and opportunities from many perspectives and a wide variety of subject matter experts.”

Marnus Kotze
Head of Logistics and Services in Africa
AP Moeller - Maersk

”Norwegian Risk Forum features a remarkable constellation of speakers with diverse professional backgrounds, offering a substantial and candid discussion of the most important global security matters.”

Andrey Kortunov
Director General
Russian International Affairs Council

”In the current geopolitical climate, driven by increased political and security risks, Norwegian Risk Forum 2021 provided an excellent opportunity to expose both redflags and opportunities for a wide variety of actors. NRCI included a diverse group of participants for an event that continued over 11 hours. Not only was it a great logistical success, it also encompassed all the steps for successful geopolitical, political and security forecasting: risk identification, analysis and mitigation.”

Derica Lambrechts
Senior Lecturer in Political Science
Stellenbosch University