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Advisory Services

Our dynamic and focused consultations and advisory services strengthen our clients’ ability to meet their business and financial goals. We seek knowledge and learning through research, listening, feedback and on the ground observations. As part of our advisory thinking we also present different recommendations and expected outcomes to our clients. Advisory services involve discrete and low-profile approaches in close consultation with the client. NRCI maintains a high focus on quality when we serve our clients. Our global and multi-disciplinary network of partners and local contacts enable us to support our clients in the most remote and high-risk environments. Companies may enter into advisory framework agreements covering a range of countries and services.

Operational advisory services - Includes on the ground collection, assessments and facilitation, due diligence of partners, suppliers, subcontractors, clients, employees and fixers. We also deliver conference key note speeches and presentations, in-house or long-distance advisory sessions or consultations, travel risk and security risk seminars and training sessions on how companies may build a robust and resilient security culture. We also support our clients with crisis response and crisis management both before and during crisis situations occur. In addition we provide in-house security risk advisory services for companies without an internal risk manager or political risk analysis department. In our training sessions with companies and organizations we prepare leaders, teams and individuals for international operations and risk management. We provide dynamic risk management and security risk consulting to support business strategies, logistics operations, supply chain and transportation in unpredictable risk environments. In due diligence processes we work on different levels with a variety of approaches. We chose the appropriate approach in close dialogue with the client. In our operational advisory services we often travel on the ground to support our clients.

Strategic advisory services - Focused advisory consultations on management and board level in companies, investor groups, international organizations and governments. Develop strategies in close dialogue with the client on how to approach and enter new markets. Support companies on how to build internal risk advisory and political risk analysis departments. This also focuses on strengthening knowledge, competence and a culture of security in the leadership and management teams in companies and organizations. Advise governments on how they may strengthen risk management in their international economic initiatives and trade structures. We also support various international efforts and processes through a dynamic combination of on the ground information gathering and security support, risk analyses and advisory services. These international processes may also include multi-layered and multi-disciplinary approaches. NRCI maintains a flexible and agile approach to serve and support our clients.